Tigersharks Swim Team

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Zone Championship

Mark your calendars:
The 2019 Zone Championships will be held at Ohio State.

Zone Jacket Policy- Please note the policy regarding Zone jacketsAs of 2011, like with Zone Caps,  Zone Swimmers will receive their first Zone Jacket as a gift from the team.  Parents are responsible for the cost of all other Zone Jackets.  So if your child grows out of their original jacket, loses it, or needs a new one for any other reason you will need to pay for it.  Therefore it is recommended that you order your first jacket in a large enough size to give your swimmer some growing room.  The team will continue to embroider the years on one jacket for each year the swimmer makes Zones.  The team will also catch-up the embroidery on new jackets with years, and any national patches that had been previously earned.