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Summer Long Course FAQ

What is Long Course?

Long course is swum in 50 meter pools.  This is the same size pool you see in the Olympics.

Is YMCA membership required?

No, Long Course is a USA Swimming program and is not affiliated with the YMCA so you don't have to have a YMCA membership in order to participate.  However you do need to be registered with USA swimming.  If you are not already a USA swimmer click here for the seasonal registration form.

What's the difference between Long Course and regular Tigershark swimming?

  • The pool is 50 meters long.

  • Meets are run in Invitational format (with many teams in attendance) similar to the  Poseidon Championship Series meets.

  • You choose your own individual events.

  • You pay per swim (just like invitationals during the regular Tigershark season)

  • Some meets are outdoors. (Solon & Freelander)

  • Meets are multiple days long. (Some are Sat. & Sun., some meets have Fri. events)  Some (but not all) meets have time standards.

Can I still swim for my Rec League Team?

Yes, you can still swim for a rec league team, and most Long Course swimmers do.  Long Course meets are on the weekend and do not conflict with most area rec league meets.  In fact, some teams including Waterworks & Maplewood, offer discounts to their Long Course swimmers.  

Do I have to go to all the days of the meets?

No, you choose your events and therefore you also control when and how much you swim.  While many swimmers choose to swim both days of meets it is not required.

Do I have to swim the meets or can I just practice to stay in shape?

This is a competitive team and all swimmers have a minimum number of meets they must attend in order to be a member in good standing.  If you do not complete your minimum number of meets the team reserves the right to not invite you back next year. We encourage all of our Long Course swimmers to swim as many meets as possible, and encourage them to swim at least 1 meet and championships if they qualify.

Where does the money we pay for registration go?

The two main places your money goes is to pay for pool time at the University of Akron and for the Coaches' salaries.