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Practice Cancellation 10/6/2022

All Practices for Friday 10/7/22 are cancelled due to a meet being held at Akron.  We apologize for the late notice, we just found out this evening.

Rocktober Hospitality Donations 10/5/2022

For our Poseidon Series meets, including our upcoming Rocktober Pentathlon, we ask each family to bring a small donation to help supply our hospitality room. The team will supply the main dishes, bottled water, and major side dishes. Your donations will help round out the selections so that there will be plenty of options for everyone. These foods and drinks are used to feed our coaches, officials, and meet volunteers throughout the day.
Examples of good donations include but are not limited to, 12 pack of pop, bag of chips, plate of cookies/brownies/cupcakes, bag of apples/oranges/grapes, a dozen donuts, a pack of individual sized Gatorades, etc...
Please use this link to sign-up for your Rocktober Pentathlon hospitality donation. If google docs don't work well for you, just comment below and I'll fill it in for you. Thank you!!