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  • For myself, losing is not coming in second. It's getting out of the water knowing you could have done better.
    For myself, I have won every race I've been in.

    Ian Thorpe

Basket Raffle
We are collecting donations for our 2019 Sleigh Ride Spectacular Basket Raffle. 
Each practice group is assigned a theme and we are asking each family to make a donation to that theme.  Or if you don't have time to shop donate some money and we will shop for you!!  The TWO  practice groups that sell the most tickets for their baskets at the meet  will win a fun practice complete with yummy treats. If the team as a whole sells ore tickets than last year, the whole team with get an extra treat!  Please turn your donations in to Becky or Keith Turnbull by December 10th.

Theme Assignments: (Click on the above link for more theme explanation)

T  Beginner Group: Holiday Shopping

T  Black Group: Lottery

T  Gold Group: Date Night

T  Juniors: Star Wars & Frozen

T Seniors: Ohio Sports Fan:

Escrow Payments
You can now make payments with credit cards to your escrow using the below  link.

Please note the following:
-Currently we can only take deposits in increments of $1.00.
- Like other payment methods, deposits will not be automatically applied to your account. Accounts will be updated by our volunteers as soon as possible after your deposit is made.
-Once your order "ships" it should appear on the team website.

Sleigh Ride Merchandise Order
Order your Sleigh Ride Spectacular t-shirts, and Poseidon Championship Hoodies by November 25th to ensure we'll have your size in stock  and you'll get a discount!!  
Orders will be delivered at the Sleigh Ride Meet on December 15th

Sleigh Ride T-shirt Orders

Reminder: in order to be considered a member in good standing so your swimmers will be eligible for championships and your family will be eligible for future board fee subsidies/discounts all families with age group swimmers must volunteer at least 5 times and all families with HS pre-season only swimmers must volunteer at least 2 times.  

Note that this is different from last year'd requirements due to our team hosting Divisional Championships.

Top Shark Program
We will be doing the Top Shark program again this season to reward meet participation.  Click here to review the point system.  Contact Becky if you have questions.

If you have questions or concerns about your swimmer's point totals please contact Becky.  Mighty Minnow awards will be in within the next couple of weeks.

Up-coming practice Cancellations/Changes
Starting Tuesday 10/22
-Beginners Tuesday practices will move to Akron General until further notice.

Temporary changes:
Fri 10/25 - All practices cancelled
Wed 11/27 - No UA, practice moved to TBD
Fri 11/29 - All practice cancelled
Thurs. 12/5 - No UA, practice moved to TBD
Fri 12/6 - No UA, practice moved to TBD
All Sunday practice in December are cancelled, they will resume in Jan.

Please use the below link to sign up for your volunteer positions. Remember all Age Group families must complete at least 5 shifts and all HS Pre-season families must complete at least 2 shifts.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Next Meet

Lake Central @ CFYN

Event Date
Nov-23 to Nov-23 2019

Entry Deadline
The deadline has passed.

Time Standards

Meet Location
Akron U

Meet Info
CFYN Warm-up 12:30 pm
Meet Start 1:30 pm
5 points

No Packet On File Yet

Meet Type

Short Course Yards

Age Up Date
December 1, 2019

Upcoming Dates
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