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  • Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?  The opportunity to play.
    - Mike Singletary

Spring Registration Forms for High School Post Season
If you are a new Tigershark who did not do the Fall/Winter season or HS Preseason in 2020/2021, and you'd like to swim our  Spring session, please fill out the first form and email it to Registration@cfyntigersharks.com.  

Zone Hotel
If you are looking for a hotel for Zones we found the below hotel about 15inutes from the pool.  It has a complimentary breakfast, a wide variety of room types/sizes, and seems fairly affordable.  You are welcome to stay wherever you like but this is our team's suggestion.

9753 Clark Dr.  
Rossford, OH 43460

Practice Volunteers
We are in need of 2 parents to volunteer at each practice for Beginners, Black, Gold, and Juniors. You'll need to arrive to practice 15 minutes early. One person will help the coaches check swimmers in and the other will make sure the swimmers stay in a socially distanced line with masks on while they wait to go to the pool deck.

Escrow Payments
You can now make payments with credit cards to your escrow using the below  link.

Please note the following:
-Currently we can only take deposits in increments of $1.00.
- Like other payment methods, deposits will not be automatically applied to your account. Accounts will be updated by our volunteers as soon as possible after your deposit is made.
-Once your order "ships" it should appear on the team website.

Next Meet

NEO LEAGUE Virtual Championship

Event Date
Mar-06 to Mar-06 2021

Entry Deadline
The deadline has passed.

Time Standards

Meet Location
Wadsworth YMCA 623 School Drive (attached to Wadsworth HS)

Meet Info
Time TBD
No Packet On File Yet

Meet Type

Short Course Yards

Age Up Date
January 5, 2021

Upcoming Dates
No Data Exists, Either No Calendar Hooked up or Google Calendar Feed is down.

Recent Record Breakers

No Records Breakers Posted in the Last 30 Days.