Tigersharks Swim Team

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Ymca Practices
The 6:00 practices at the YMCA have been canceled (today 9/29/16) due to lightening.  We are sorry for the late notice, we were just informed.

Akron practices will still be held...their pool is grounded and therefore safe to use during storms.

Suits & Equipment

The suits and equipment are in  from Aquatic Outfitters! Rosanne Lewis will be in the hallway at Akron by the locker rooms on Tuesday 9/27 and Wednesday 9/28 from 5:45 to 6:15.

Team tshirts, hoodies, towels, and caps are not in yet.
Tshirts and hoodies will be in next week.
Caps will be delivered in 2 weeks.
Towels estimated 3 weeks.

Rocktober Pentathlon T-shirts
Order forms for Rocktober Pentathlon T-shirts are now available.  New this year order all 3 Poseidon Championship Series (PCS) meet shirts now save money and get a free PCS water bottle!!

Deadline to order is October 1st.  Orders with payments can be placed in Lori O'Brien's mailbox at Akron.  Checks should be made out to CFYN.

We'd like to thank our most recent Sponsors for the 2016-17 Tigersharks Season & The Poseidon Championship Series.  If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a sponsor please take a look at our informational packet.

Lambert -Platinum
Chick-fi-la -In-Kind
Chipolte- In-Kind
Aladins - In-Kind

Equipment Currently Available:
As of Noon on 9/14/16 we have the following equipment in stock. We are placing an order to replenish our stock, and will let you know when that comes in.  Please contact Rosanne Lewis to purchase any of these items.

Pool floats $5
2 - medium
1 - large

Hand paddles $8
7 - medium
3 - large

Fins $15
1 - size 1-3
0 - size 3-5
3 - size 5-7
0 - size 7-9
4 - size 9-11

Fins $20
3 - adult size 11-13

Goggles (various styles and colors)

Mirrored goggles (various colors)

Open Meets & Web Tutorial
Several meets are now open for entry.  Please use our website tutorials if you are unsure how to enter. Remember all deadlines are scheduled at midnight of the entry deadline.

Meets Currently open for entry:
All dual meets -Entry deadline 8 days before each dual meet
CCS USA Invite - Entry deadline 9/16
Rocktober Pentathlon - Entry deadline 10/6
Strongsville USA Meet -Entry deadline 10/3

More meets will open once we get their info and event files from the host teams.

Parking Passes
Parking Passes for Akron are now available.  We are aware they are "expired" but Akron said they can still be used.

Join us on Facebook
Join our Tigershark Facebook group to share pictures, stories, and cheer on the team. 

Next Meet

CCS Age Group & Open

Event Date
Oct-08 to Oct-09 2016

Entry Deadline
The deadline has passed.

Time Standards

Meet Location
CT Branin Nat. (Canton)

Meet Info
USA Registration Required

Click Here For Meet Packet

Meet Type

Short Course Yards

Age Up Date
October 8, 2016

Upcoming Dates
10-28-2016No practice (both HS preseason & Age Group)

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